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We’re a pro-consumer company that wants to see every person get the best deal when it comes to cell phones and service. Our site will offer a search engine and a comparison tool to help shoppers find the goods and services that meet their needs. We’re not partial to any single provider. We just state the facts.

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We provide you with information on the top cell phone companies and what they can offer you. We tell you about discounts, specials, positive and negative reviews and more. You can then shop as usual. We like to think of ourselves as every mobile phone buyer’s advocate. We show you the data in a way that you can understand it, and then you process and handle it in a way that you see fit.

How to Compare Cell Phone Plans

To compare cell phone plans appropriately, you have to look at several factors. The first factor is the equipment. You have to know what kind of equipment you like and which features you want to have on that equipment. The next thing you will need to compare is the price of that equipment. One cell phone company may offer a free phone with a two-year contract, for example. Another cell phone company may offer it to you at a low retail price without requiring a contract.

The second thing that you need to examine is the voice plan. The voice plan determines the number of minutes that you will have to talk on the phone by voice. The majority of cell phone plans offer unlimited minutes, but some less pricey options offer limited ones.

The data plan comparison is another area that you have to watch closely. Data plans vary from $0 to $50 a month. If you are a person who only browses the internet occasionally, you will not need to have a huge data plan for your phone. However, if you are someone who needs mobile hotspot, movie streaming or hours of video watching every day, then you will need a lot of data. The data plan comparison tells you exactly how much each provider offers.

How to Compare Internet Providers

You compare internet providers by examining the speeds at which your computer can potentially go, the number of email addresses they offer and more. The available internet speeds range from about 10 to 100 Mbps.

Use our site to get the perfect balance of cell phone service and internet products. Tweak your search details for different results.

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